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Medina Mushrooms  is committed to providing the freshest and best quality mushrooms from our farm directly to your table. We specialize in both traditional and exotic mushrooms, grown right here on our family farm in Oxford, PA. Our farm is the product of four generations of mushroom growers! Explore our website to learn more about our family’s mushroom history, how mushrooms are grown, where to get our mushrooms, and the best ways to store and cook our delicious mushrooms to get the most out of their nutrition and flavor. 

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White button

White Button mushrooms are the most common mushrooms to find on the grocery store shelves. Mild taste that intensifies with cooking. Great raw in salads, and also cooked. Try on kebabs on the grill, sauteed with your favorite vegetables, or in soups and sauces!

Crimini (Baby Bella)

Crimini mushrooms look similar to their cousins the white button mushrooms, but they are darker in color, and have a stronger, more earthy taste. Baby bellas are great raw in salads, and also cooked. Try on kebabs on the grill, stuffed, sauteed, or in soups and sauces. These mushrooms won't shrink as much as white buttons when cooked. 


Shiitakes are meaty, and have a strong earthy, umami flavor. Remove shiitake stems before cooking for best results. Stems can be used to flavor soup stocks, but they are generally too tough to eat. Shiitake caps are a great addition to stir fries and soups. 


Oyster mushrooms have a mild flavor, with a meaty texture. They are great with fish, seafood, chicken, and red meat, or as a meat substitute. Try in stir fries, sauteed with your favorite vegetables, in soups, or roasted. Oyster mushrooms have a shorter cooking time than other mushrooms - so be sure to keep that in mind when you toss them in the pan!


Maitake mushrooms have a peppery, earthy flavor. They are great sauteed or added to sauces, soup, and scrambled eggs. Their nutritional value is superb, and many studies have been done about its immune-boosting properties. 

nameko (honey)

Honey mushrooms have a mildly sweet, nutty flavor, much like that of the pioppini mushrooms. This mushroom has a tough stem that should be removed prior to cooking. The honey mushroom gets its name from its golden color, as well as the gelatinous appearance of its cap. Try honey mushrooms sauteed, in sauces, soups, and pastas. 

King oyster

King oysters are uniquely shaped, with a thick, white stem and small gray to brown cap. These mushrooms are great sliced either long ways or cross ways in stir fries and sauces. The thick stems can also be cut and cooked as "vegan scallops." Their flavor is mild, and can be described as umami and savory. They are extremely meaty mushrooms. 

Lion’s mane (pom pom)

Lion's Mane has a hairy white appearance, but a sweet, almost lobster-like flavor with a soft texture. This mushroom is known to help with memory and cognitive functioning. Try slicing and frying, or chopping and sauteing with your favorite vegetables


Portobello mushrooms are big and meaty. They are perfect on top of or instead of a burger, and are also great for stuffing. These mushrooms have a rich, earthy flavor similar to the crimini mushroom (their babies).