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We are committed to providing the freshest and best quality mushrooms from our farm directly to your table. We specialize in both traditional and exotic mushrooms, grown right here on our small family owned and operated farm in Oxford, PA. Our farm is the product of four generations of mushroom growers! Explore our website to learn more about the history of the farm, products offered, locations sold, how we grow our delicious mushrooms, how to prepare and use mushrooms, delicious recipes, and health benefits of the fungi kingdom.



Hopco Farms — Our family mushroom farm, located in Oxford, PA. Unfortunately, we are not open to the public, so please check out our events calendar to find us!

Havre de Grace (MD) Farmers Market — Located on Congress Ave in Hutchins Park. Saturdays from May through November 9am - noon.

Newark (DE) Natural Foods Co-Op Farmers Market — Located in the heart of downtown Newark in the shopping center on Main St. Sundays from May through November 9:30am - 2pm.



The tradition of quality began with Peter V. Leo, an Italian immigrant and progressive mushroom farmer for his time. He not only grew his own mushrooms, but produced his own substrate and managed his own spawn plant. Just like trees and plants have seeds and roots, mushrooms have spawn and mycelium which allow them to absorb nutrients, decompose the substrate, and grow. Peter was one of the first mushroom farmers to mechanize the substrate preparation process, minimizing the back breaking labor required to do it all by hand. Working for Peter was a man by the name of Robert Hopkins, who would one day become Peter's son-in-law, marrying his daughter Mary Leo, and giving Peter four grandchildren. 

Robert Hopkins started his own business, R&H Mushrooms in the late 1960's, growing and selling quality white button mushrooms to the wholesale market. Being a family farm, Robert's sons worked with him from young ages, learning the tools of the trade. Robert and Mary's son Michael opened his own business in 1981, employing his younger brother, Gary. Green Hill Farms sold white button, crimini, and portobello mushrooms to the wholesale market until they transitioned to growing oyster mushrooms and producing oyster mushroom "logs" in 2008.

Gary Hopkins, Sr., after working for his brother Michael, opened his own farm, Hopco Farms, in 1991. From 1991 to 2010, Hopco Farms produced approximately 5.5 million pounds per year of white button and portobello mushrooms for the wholesale market. Gary Sr.'s oldest son, Gary Jr., began working with his father in 2005, and has taken over all of the growing operations over the last five years. Since then, Hopco Farms has grown traditional and exotic on a smaller scale, becoming a testing ground in a cooperative effort with several mushroom industry leaders to develop healthier, more natural and sustainable growing techniques.

Recognizing a lack of truly FRESH mushrooms outside of Chester County (the mushroom capital of the world!), Gary Jr., along with his mother, Elizabeth, and his girlfriend, Liz, undertook a mission to bring fresh Hopco mushrooms to local farmers markets. Spoiler alert: they were a hit! However, after the first market season, Gary Jr. had to make a decision between continuing to bring fresh mushrooms to the farmers markets, or broadening his skills by growing different kinds of exotic mushrooms (such as pioppini and honey mushrooms). Gary Jr. made the tough decision to focus on growing more specialty exotic mushrooms and selling to the wholesale market. But our story doesn't end there! With the addition of these new mushrooms, Liz decided she didn't want to let down the loyal customers they had earned over the last market season. She started Medinaceli Farms (Med-E-Nah-Cell-E), named after the small town in Spain in which her grandparents live - see the map below! Through Medinaceli Farms (AKA "Medina Mushrooms"), Hopco's fresh mushrooms were brought to market again in the 2017 season.


The 2017 & 2018 seasons saw some new mushrooms since our first appearance at the farmers markets in 2016. You can now enjoy fresh maitake, pioppini, and lion's mane, among others, and stock up on homemade dried mushroom soup mixes for those cold winter nights when available.

In 2018, we added our winter mushroom CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) - which allows us to provide mushrooms to CSA members throughout the winter months. Gary, Jr. and Liz are also thrilled to announce their engagement, and will be getting married in July of 2020!



"Portobellicious!!" — Erin Ahern

"Their oyster mushrooms are to die for " — Mackenzie Buchanan

"Choice edibles brought from their farm to your table at a very modest price! " — Kirk Smith

"The BEST mushrooms ever! " — Beckie Harris


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